A note on pronunciation

        (a) Vowel pronunciation key.

                'a'  as  'u'  in  cut
                'aa' as  'a'  in  car
                'i'  as  'i'  in  fit
                'ee' as  'ee' in  feel
                'u'  as  'u'  in  put
                'oo' as  'oo' in  pool
                'e'  as  'e'  in  bed
                'ai' as  'ei' in  neighbour
                'o'  as  'o'  in  mode
                'au' as  'ow' in  how

        (b) Words ending with an 'a' should be pronounced as 'a' in 'car'.

            Examples :   'kya'   =  what
                       'nateeja' =  result

        (c) Guttural sounds (capital letters) :

            Examples : 'GH' as in  'GHam'   =  sorrow
                       'KH' as in 'KHayaal' =  thought

        (d) Use of 'N' for nasal sounds :

            Examples :  'maiN'    =  me
                        'meiN'    =  in
                       'aasmaaN'  =  sky

        (e) Note the distinction in usage between :

                (i)   'i' and 'ee'

                      Examples : 'nigaah'  =  sight
                                 'nishaan' =  mark/sign
                                   'teer'  =  arrow
                                 'hakeem'  =  physician/doctor

                (ii)  'k' and 'q'

                      Examples : 'shauq'  =  fondness/desire
                                 'qaabil' =  worthy
                                 'kamar'  =  waist
                                 'KHaak'  =  dust/ashes

                (iii) small and capital letters

                      Examples : 't'  as  't'  in  with
                                 'T'  as  't'  in  metal

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