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urvashii urvashii ##take it easy## urvashii

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			 % Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar (
% Date: Mon Aug  7, 1995
% Credits: Ikram Ahmed Khan ( 
% Comments: The following comments are excerpted from the original posts
%                                                              -- Rajiv
%  Abhay:
%  The English/Hindi words enclosed in [ ] are my comments. Don't mistake
%  them for words in the song :-) And I _do_ think, this comment on
%  comments was necessary :-) Because they can be sung in the same tune !
%  Please complete it, so that I also succeed in submitting my first ever
%  contribution to ISB. What a way to start !

%  Ikram:
%  Jab aapne poochha toh phir answer karna hi hoga!!
%  Plus, if this is a chance for me to get Abhay Avachat's name in
%  ISB... :) :)
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