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tuu ruup kii raanii, mai.n choro.n kaa raajaa

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त: तू रूप की रानी, मैं चोरों का राजा
हो तेरा मेरा प्यार निराला
ल: बस एक नजर और एक मुस्कान में
जाने तूने क्या कर डाला

त: दुनिया में हसीं भी देखे हैं
वो रूप कहाँ जो तुझमें है -२
ल: सूरज की किरण में गरमी है
वो धूप कहाँ जो तुझमें है - २
त: तू धरती का तारा, मैं ज़रा आवारा
के तेरा मेरा ...

त: बालों में सुहाने अंधेरे हैं
गालों पे चमकते सवेरे हैं - २
ल: इस दिल में उजाले तेरे हैं
हाय राम ये नैन लुटेरे हैं - २
त: तू चंचल धारा, मैं झूमता किनारा
के तेरा मेरा ...

त: तू नाच के जिस पल(दम?) लहराये
बिजली की अदा भी शरमाये - २
ल: तू झूम के जिस दम मुस्काये
कलियों को पसीना आ जाये - २
त: तू प्रीत की वीना, मैं नगमा तिहारा
के तेरा मेरा ...


			 % Transliterator: Ravi Kant Rai (
% Editor: Anurag Shankar (
% Comments: Pankha Road se Pintu Diwana [14]
% VERY good beats/tempo. Wonderful picturization as well.
% worth the whole movie itself. Much better to listen.
% I will go ahead and give an unexpected
% Monday afternoon (!) treat. Forgive me for going prose, but the movie
% is Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja (old), and I saw it last May on video. I
% was in the most vulnerable phase at that time, engaged, separated, soon
% to be married and my 9th-in-a-row-Dev-Anand-movie.

% I saw the movie for one song 'tum to dil ke tar chhed kar'. This
% is one of those most intoxicating romantic songs I know of that a guy
% can sing to a girl, until I heard cute, young Waheeda singing the same
% when she was bit by the bicchuwa of paapi prem-wa-ka-rog.
% And that was mind-blowing as well.

% What drove me crazy was this duet, towards the end of the movie, on the
% beach of Shivsagar (somewhere in Bengal, as per the story line) which I
% had not heard before! And when I told my then-fiancee, she said it was
% a stupid movie (she was refering to the new one!) only when I sent her
% the cassette of the song, did she confess of being proud to make her
% decision (about me :-) )   ... Kahin main jyada to nahiN bol gaya ?

% Here it goes.
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