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tumhe.n dekhatii huu.N to lagataa hai aise

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			 % Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar  
% Date: 08/07/1995
% Credits: Neha Desai 
%          Arun Verma 
%          Ashok Dhareshwar  
% Comments: Pankha Road se Pintu Diwana [45]

% Note: I think this a bit mature song, in the sense that to *really*
% appreciate it, and specially for us men (:-) ), it does take time
% to realize the depth of emotions, simple straightforward
% emotions, no mincing the words. Please. no flames on this, there
% sure are sensitive men around, but life does bring turns in our
% life, that make us look at old artifacts in our treasure-trunk
% and look at it with a new adoring, love and amazement, a new
% sentiment grows. Here is the song, of the same class as "meree 
% saaNsoN ko jo mahakaa rahee hai" (minus Mahendra Kapoor :-)) )
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