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Tuka.De hai.n mere dil ke, ai yaar tere aa.Nsuu

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			 % Transliterator: Ravi Kant Rai (
% Editor: Anurag Shankar (
% Comments: Pankha Road se Pintu Diwana [30]  14 May 1995
%        when I saw Mere Sanam (long back) I didn't like this song, too
%        slow, and I didn't appreciate much of the words, too simple?
%        don't know. Maybe amidst all happy songs, this didn't fit in?
%        Now, when I listened to it, it sounded good.
%        Maybe my taste was already spoiled by the great 'teri aaNkh ke
%        aaNsoo pee jaa-ooN' :-))
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