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tanahaa\-tanahaa yahaa.N pe jiinaa ye ko_ii baat hai

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tanahaa-tanahaa yahaa.N pe jiinaa ye ko_ii baat hai
%(living a life here in solitude, what is the point)

ko_ii saathii nahii.N teraa yahaa.N to ye ko_ii baat hai
%(if you have got no companion over here, what is the point)

kisii ko pyaar de-de kisii kaa pyaar le-le
%(give love to somebody, take somebody's love)

is saare jamane.n me.n yahii pyaarii baat hai
%(in this entire world, this is the lvoely thing)

kisii kaa to sapanaa ho aa.Nkho.n me.n terii
%(let there be somebody's dream in your eyes)

ko_ii dilabar to ho baa.Nho.N me.n terii
%(let there be some beloved in your arms)

ko_ii to bane hamasafar raaho.N me.n terii -2
%(somebody should become a cotraveller in your pathways)

ye zi.ndagii to vaise ek sazaa hai
%(this life is a punishment as such)

saath kisii kaa ho to aur hii mazaa hai
%(if somebody accompnies you then there is some pleasure)

zamii.n aasmaa.N se to kuchh kah rahii hai
%(the land is saying something to this sky)

lahare.n bhii saahil se kuchh kah rahii.n hai
%(the waves are also saying something to the shore)

chaa.Ndanii bhii chaa.Nd se kuchh kah rahii hai -2
%(the moonlight is also saying something to the moon)

kisii naa kisii se ko_ii kuchh to kah rahaa hai
%(everyone is telling something to someone)

tuu dil kii baat kah de kahane me.n kyaa hai
%(you speak out the issue of your heart, what is there in saying)


			 % Comments: First original hindi score of ARR, except for one song of the film 
% Asha's first two songs for ARR, this one and ho jaa ra.ngiilaa re
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