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sab mil kar hi.nd pukaare.n

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सब मिल कर हिंद पुकारें
जय आज़ाद हिंद के नारे
प्यारा देश हमारा

सूरज बन के जग पर चमके
भारत नाम सुहागा
जय हो जय हो जय हो
जय जय जय जय हो
भारत नाम सुहागा


			 % Credits: Prithviraj Dasgupta
% The tune of this song is from Indian national anthem
% Kosh does not mention singers.
% This song appears in its full form with the titles at the 
% beginning of the movie, and, partially with "The End". 
% This seems to be the "The End" part. The full song is 
% "shubh sukh chain kii barakhaa barase", lyrics of which were
% reportedly penned by Netaji himself, Abid Hassan and other
% INA members.
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