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saathiyaa maddham\-maddham terii ye giilii ha.Nsii

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saathiyaa haa saathiyaa haa maddham-maddham terii ye giilii ha.Nsii
%(o companion, your wet smile is lightly shining)

saathiyaa haa saathiyaa haa sun ke ham ne saarii pii lii ha.Nsii
%(o companion, i have drunk your entire smile by hearing it)

o ho o ho ho ho

ha.Nsatii rahe tuu ha.Nsatii rahe hayaa kii laalii khilatii rahe
%(may you always on smiling always. May the red color of shame continues blooming)

zulf ke niiche gardan pe subah-o-shaam milatii rahe
%(at your fair neck, below your dark hairlocks, may dawn and dusk keep on meeting)

sau.ndhii sii ha.Nsii terii khilatii rahe milatii rahe
%(may your sweet smelling smile keep on blooming. may we keep on getting it)

piilii dhuup pahan ke tum dekho baag me.n mat jaanaa
%(wearing yellow sunlight, see, you don't tread into the garden)

bha.Nware tum ko sab chhe.De.Nge phuulo.N me.n mat jaanaa
%(all blackbees will tease you, you don't go among flowers)

maddham-maddham ha.Ns de phir se
%(please smile again slowly slowly)

sonaa-sonaa phir se ha.Ns de
%(please give your precious smile again)

taazaa gire patte kii tarah sabz ##lawn## par leTe huye
%(lying down in the green lawn like a freshly fallen leaf)

saat hai.n bahaaro.n ke ek adaa me.n lapeTe huye
%(there are seven colors of spring season, you wound all of them in a single style of yours)

saavan bhaado.n saare tujh se
%(rainy seasons are all because of you)

mausam mausam ha.Nsate rahanaa
%(keep on smiling in all the seasons)

maddham-maddham ha.Nsate rahanaa
%(please keep on smiling slowly slowly)

kabhii niile aasamaa.N pe chalo ghuumane chale.n ham
%(sometime let's go to wander on the blue sky)

ko_ii abr mil gayaa to zamii.n pe baras le.n ham
%(if we come across a cloud, we shall rain down to ground with it)

teri baalii hil ga_ii hai kabhii shab chamak uThii hai kabhii shaam khil ga_ii hai
%(your earrings has shook up causing night to glitter sometime, or dusk to bloom sometime)

ru ru ru ru ru ru ru
tere baalo.n kii panaah me.n ho ye siyaah raat guzare
%(in the shelter of your black hairs, may this black night pass on)

terii kaalii-kaalii aa.Nkhe.n ko_ii ujalii baat utare
%(in your black eyes, may some bright thought descend)

terii ik ha.Nsiii ke badale merii ye zamiin le-le meraa aasamaan le-le
%(in exchange of one smile of yours, take my this earth, take my sky)

barf girii ho vaadii me.n
uun me.n lipaTii-simaTii hu_ii
barf girii ho vaadii me.n aur ha.Nsii terii guu.Nje
%(ice would have fallen in the valley, and your laugh would have echoed)

uun me.n lipaTii simaTii hu_ii baat kare dhu_aa.N nikale
%(icre would have surrounded itself in wool and had shrunk, and when it talks fumes come out of it)

garam-garam ujalaa dhu_aa.N naram-naram ujalaa dhu_aa.N
%(warm and bright fume, soft and bright fume)


			 % Comments: dubbed from tamil: Alaipayuthe 
% ITRANS corrections: Arunabha S Roy, Amit Malhotra
View: Plain Text, हिंदी Unicode, image