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paisaa merii jaan hai ... ##I want money##

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पैसा मेरी जान है
पैसा ही शान है
पैसा मेरा धर्म है
पैसा ही ईमान है
पैसा मेरी प्यास है
पैसा मेरी आस है
सारी दुनिया साथ है
जो पैसा मेरे पास है
पैसा ही पुण्य है
पैसा ही पाप है
पैसा ही भाई बहन
पैसा माई बाप है
पैसा है तो यार है
पैसा है तो प्यार है
पैसा ही नसीब है
पैसा ही हबीब है
पैसा है तो नाम है
पैसा है तो काम है
पैसा खनकता है
पैसा चमकता है
पैसा महकता है
पैसा छनकता है
पैसा ह ह ह हँसाता है
पैसा ऊँ रुलाता है
पैसा जगाता है
पैसा सुलाता है
पैसा ही गाता है
पैसा नचाता है
and that's why my friend
I want money. I want only money. I want money.
good money, bad money, wrong money, right money
black money, white money. O my God! I want money
I want money...

Ai honey! I love money. yeah
he! he wants money. he wants only money
money can buy me everything. Bangalow, Motor, Diamond Ring
Everybody treats me like a king.
for me they will do anything
money can make me dance and sing
in London, Newyork and Beijing. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

You are so sexy. You are so wise.
I like your style. I love your eyes.
I think I I
She wants money. She loves money. She loves only money.
good money, bad money, wrong money, right money
white money. black money, money. money.

Oh my God! I love money. Money is my only passion.
What's happened? Are you lost?
Where is your mother? Where is your father?
He wants money. He wanted only money. Look at that.
he only loves money.

I am your brother. I am your sister.
I am your father. I am your friend.
do you all have money? No.

Hey, nobody believes in relation
because money is the only thing in fashion.
If there is no money, life is nil.
money can be my everything.
with money you will see how great you feel.
whether you beg, borrow or steal.
Pound, Rupee, Dollar, Dinaar
If you got money, you are a star
Money is money whatever the name
With it you can play any kind of game
You live for money. You kill for money.
You lie for money. You die for money.
money, money, money, money
WOW! somewhere in the air, money is there
Look at that he is no more still.
He wants more money, man.
Money, I want money. Good. Good man, Good baby.
money, yeah. I want money.
All right. Everybody wants money, yaar.
money, yeah. I want money. He wants money
money, I want money. Everybody wants money, ha ha.
and listen everybody carefully that
this is the only song everybody should just chat.

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