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meraa bholaa saa balamaa re

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			 % Credits: Irfan
% Song Courtesy:

% Kosh mentions Hansraj Behl as the sole MD for the film.
% There are two songs in Khamosh Sipahi which were composed
% by Khurshid Anwar. This song and "kehdo kali kali badali
% daraaye na" (Geeta and Surinder Kaur).
% Both these songs were recorded by KA for film Mehfil, which
% never started. When Madhok produced and Directed Khamosh
% Sipahi he included these songs in this film.
% Khamosh Sipahi thus has 11 songs.
% KA used the tune of this song in Pakistani film Haveli (1964) .
% The records of these song bear the name of KA as Composer
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