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man moraa baawaraa nis\-din gaae giit milan ke

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			 % Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar (
% Date: Wed Aug  9, 1995
% Credits: Rajan Parrikar
%	   Ashok Dhareshwar 
% Editor: Rajiv Shridhar ( 
% Comments:  
%   Before we have a new ( old ) argument from the Rafian club claiming,
%   'See KK could not sing classical, so they had to get Rafi'....
%   Let me repeat, what I read in a magazine..

%   In late 50s and early 60s, Kishore was so busy with his acting
%   career and signing films left & right, that sometimes he did not have
%   time to record his own songs, so the producers had to get Rafi to sing
%   some of his songs :)...

%   The scene opens with Kishore singing with Tanpura & Ragini just
%   sitting & watching him.
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