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jo vaadaa kiyaa vo, nibhaanaa pa.Degaa

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			 % Credits: C. S. Sudarshana Bhat (
%          Surajit Bose
% Comments: This is actually a tandem song. The first three verses as given
% here are Part I: "tarasatii nigaaho.n ne," "ham apanii vafaa pe naa," and
% "chamakate hai.n jab tak ye." The lines "ye maanaa hame.n jaa.N se" and
% following aren't so much a verse as part of the sthayii, though it is
% delayed until after the first verse. These lines occur after the first
% verse of Part II as well. The remainder of the verses given above are part
% II of the song
View: Plain Text, हिंदी Unicode, image