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ik baar zaraa phir kah do, mujhe sharmaa ke tum diivaanaa

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			 %              Andy J. Lucyshyn (
% Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar ( 
% Date: Thu Aug  3 1995
% Comments: Pankha Road se Pintu Diwana [49] 

%    This Biswajit guy, is really lucky. He has got some of the best
%    songs ever!! I guess I mentioned this recently too, Biswajit, Pradeep
%    Kumar, Joy Mukherjee and Bharat Bhushan -- I guess, they will beat Dev
%    and Shammi dead cold for great songs!

%    This song, I had been planning to post for quite some time. I had
%    this with me for a LONG time. Why? for the ending part of this
%    song. The last 15 seconds of this song are worth the whole movie,
%    worth ALL movies of Biswajit :-)))
%    This song happens to be my first song in the "Happy Duets"
%    cassette of *my* wedding present to my wife:-))

%    Truly, the best happy duet. It is better than the tumne pukara
%    etc. too!! Why? For its subtlity! The subtle, nazuk thots of the
%    pair! Here it goes...
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