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ho gaye barabaad ham unakii Kushii to ho ga_ii

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			 % Date: 09 January 2004
% Credits: UVR
% Comments: Geetanjali Series
% lyricist - aziz/azeez/aziiz kashmiirii
% Gemini Dewan (/ Diwan) Productions
% The song was originally recorded for the unreleased
% film Kaaminii in Aug/Sept 1949; it was later used
% in Ramman. The film Kamini is covered only in the
% first edition of vol 3 (1951-60) of the Geet Kosh.
% The second edition just mentions it in passing on
% page 593. The '40s edition does not mention 'Kamini'
% because the film's correct date was discovered after
% its publication in 1984.
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