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hai apanaa dil to aavaaraa, na jaane kis pe aayegaa

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			 % Credits: (USENET newsgroup) 
%          Satish Subramanian (
%          C.S. Sudarshana Bhat (

% This one is from one of Dev's earlier movies - Solvah Saal
% (1958).  Hemant's melodious voice again..  Hemant's songs are all very
% simple - has a simple tune, background music is simple. The lyrics of
% all his songs are simple superb.

% Here is the happy version of 'hai apna dil..', there is a sad
% version that Dev sings alone.

% The scene in this song is - Dev and Waheeda in a train, with
% Dev singing and Waheeda acting as if she irritated by him.

% Another 'mast gaana' :)

% bye
% satish
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