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ek to suurat pyaarii aur uupar se ye naaz

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			 % Transliterator: Ravi Kant Rai (
% Editor: Anurag Shankar (
% Comments: Pankha Road se Pintu Diwana [20b]
%        A very enthusiastic double thumbs up!!

%        This one has the speed of 'Too roop ki rani maiN choroN ka raja', 
%        the alhaD.pan of 'jhoomataa mausam mast maheena', 
%        intoxication of 'aajaa sanam madhur chaaNdani meN', 
%        the tangaa music of 'maaNg ke saath tumhara'!

%        The second anataraa is one of the most charming and (in a more 
%        subtle way) very sensual rain-song I have seen. Bina Roy is 
%        wonderful in the song, the happiness is just literally tapakoing 
%        with every booNd of baarish from the tip of her julfeN.

%        Asha's voice is wonderful, the little lilt's nakhare etc that *I* 
%        believe ONLY she can put in a song to make it immortal! (Yes, I 
%        know Geeta)

%        A highly recommended song by Pankha Road. Movie? Don't care! It 
%        is another box-office Brahmchaari type Shammi movie 'duniya ka 
%        bhala karane wala'. But the song! All I can say 
%        is 'Vallah KYA baat hai!!'

%        And here is the dialogue that precedes this wonderful song.
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