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baabul moraa, naihar chhuuTo hii jaae

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			 % Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar 
% Credits: Balaji A.S. Murthy 
% Date: 03/15/1996
% Comments: Although Saigal pronounces naihar with "na + a + (small) i
%           + ha + ra", this is written as "na + ai + ha + ra"
%           and pronounced correctly as sung by Saigal in the song.
%           -- Rajiv
%           A second rendition of this song is in the film Aavishkaar
%           sung by Jagjit & Chitra Singh. The orchestral arrangement is
%           significantly different, but the basic tune is the same. The
%           Music Director for Aavishkaar is Kanu Roy - Vijay
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