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ai baad\-e\-sabaa aahistaa chal

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			 % Transliterator: Prithviraj Dasgupta
% Availablity: HMV CD Anarkali/Nagin sdtrk, Anarkali DVD
% Date: April 12, 2002
% Comment: Hemant mentions in his autobiography 
% "Anand dhara" that Anarkali's producer S. Mukherji 
% wanted the original title music composed by C Ramchandra 
% to be replaced by a song. Since CR was not available
% at that time, Hemant borrowed this tune, a Heer, 
% from a Bengali number sung by him in 1950 and MD-ed by
% Anupam Ghatak, titled "shukno shakhar pata jhore 
% jaay". Based on posts in RMIM archives, Hemant 
% apparently mentioned this fact to author Harish 
% Bhimani too. CR is credited for this song 
% in all audio media (gramophone record/CS/CD).
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