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aa.Nkh ke paanii aa.Nkh me.n rah

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			 % Transliterator:
% Date : 06 Sept 2002

% Credits : Satish Kalra, S Jayaraman, Irfan Anwar. (Also
% Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz'. But he is really
% ever-present invisibly in the 'Credits' field of every
% lyrics post made by me.)

% Comments: Though the film's certificate mentions
% Mumbai, this must be a film made in Lahore, by
% Metropolitan Pictures. Hamraaz has informed me that the
% film was released again in Kolkata in 1949, under the
% name 'Mere Raajaa'.

% According to S Jayaraman and Irfan Anwar (the MD's son)
% the song was sung by Munawwar Sultana.
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