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zulmat\-kade me.n mere shab\-e\-Gam kaa josh hai - - Rafi

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			 % Song Courtesy:
% Credits: Afzal A Khan

% Normally, each sher in a ghazal has little or no connection
% with others.  But this ghazal is a very notable exception.
% Here, not only does a single theme run throughout the 
% ghazal, but there are seven shers which are called 
% "qit'a~baNd", i.e. having a common link.  The ghazal has
% a total of 13 shers.  "Zulmat~kade men mere..." is the 
% first sher or the "matla'".  Including the "matla'",
% there are five shers that precede the "qit'a".  Ghazal -
% singers usually include only the "matla'" along with some
% shers from the "qit'a" in their renditions.  "DaaGH-e-
% firaaq......" is the last sher in the "qit'a", and 
% "Aate haiN GHaib se....." following immediately afterwards
% is the last sher or the "maqta'".  The "qit'a" begins
% with "Ai taaza~waardaan-e-......".
% In the "qit'a", Ghalib has painted a wonderful picture of
% the transient nature of this world and its delights.
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