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sarafaroshii kii tamannaa ab hamaare dil me.n hai - The Legend of Bhagat Singh

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sarafaroshii kii tamannaa ab hamaare dil me.n hai
%(the desire to sell our head is now in our hearts)

dekhanaa hai zor kitanaa baazu-e-qaatil me.n hai
%(we wish to assess how much strength is there in the arms of swordsman who beheads)

dekh sakataa hai to tuu bhii dekh le ai aasamaa.N
%(you also see, if you can, O heavens!)

hausalaa ye dekh ke qaatil ba.Dii mushkil me.n hai
%(that the killer is facing a lot of difficulties on seeing this courage in us)

apane hii lahuu se ham likhe.nge apanii daastaa.N
%(we shall pen our autobiography with our own blood)

zaalimo.n se chhiin le.nge ye zamii.n ye aasmaa.N
%(we shall forcibly reclaim this earth, this sky from the cruel rulers)

saraphire javaan ham to maut se bhii naa Dare.n
%(we are eccentric youths, we are not afraid of even the death)

aa.Nch aaye desh pe ye kyuu.N gavaaraa ham kare.n
%(why should we tolerate the possibility of any harm to our country)

mulq pe qurbaan ho.n ye aarazuu dil-dil me.n hai
%(may we sacrifice ourselves for our country, this desire is in every heart)

% Part 2:

sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil me.n hai
dekhana hai zor kitanaa baazu-e-qaatil me.n hai

vaqt aane pe bataa de.nge tujhe ai aasmaa.N
%(when the moment comes, we shall show you, o heavens!)

kyaa bataaye.n ham junuun-e-shauq kis ma.nzil me.n hai
%(what can we tell now the extent of our interest in patritism)

Doriyaa.N ummiid kii naa aaj ham se chhuuT jaaye.n
%(may the ropes of hope not get missed from our hands)

mil ke dekhaa hai jinhe.n vo sapane.n bhii naa ruuTh jaaye.n
%(may the dreams that we had dreamt together not get annoyed with us)

hausale vo hausale kyaa jo sitam se TuuT jaaye.n
%(that courage is no courage that gets broken under the spell of terror)

tere soNe ruup ko ham ik na_ii bahaar de.nge
%(we shall attribute a new spring to your already golden shape)

apane hii lahuu se teraa ham nikhaar de.nge
%(we shall refine you color by using our own blood)

des mere des tujh pe zindagii bhii vaar de.nge
%(nation, o my nation!, we shall sacrifice even our life on you)

Kushbuu ban ke mahakaa kare.nge ham lahalahaatii har faslo.n me.n
%(we shall become fragrance and smell in every flourishing crops)

saa.Ns ban ke ham gunagunaaye.nge aane vaalii har naslo.n me.n
%(we shall become the breaths and will get hummed by the generations to come)

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