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sabze kii durfishaanii phuulo.n kaa shaamiyaanaa

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			 % Dhananjay Naniwadekar (last 3 of 6 minutes)
% Date: Dec 7, 2002
% Credits: Afzal Khan, Satish Kalra
% Comments: Shinde also composed under the pseudonym
% Hemant Kedar. This was his only song in 'Bihari'.
% Other songs in Bihari were composed by
% Naresh Bhattacharya.

% sabza = dew, durfishaanii = eloquence, (dur = pearl)
% niGaarakhaanaa - allegorical reference to this world
% 'charake lagaanaa' = zakhm denaa.

% generated using giitaayan
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