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o rii chhorii maan bhii le baat morii

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o rii chhorii
%(O girl!)

o rii chhorii maan bhii le baat morii
%(O Girl!, give your consent to what I am saying)

mai.nne pyaar tujhii se hai kiyaa
%(I have loved you and only you)

tere bin mai.n jiyaa to kyaa jiyaa
%(when I lived without you, what was in my life)

tere naino.n me.n ye jo kaajal hai
%(this black paste that is adorned in your eyes)

sapano.n kaa baadal hai
%(this is the cloud of my dreams)

man tere hi kaaran paagal hai
%(my mind is mad only after you)

o goriyaa
%(O fair-complexioned girl!)

o re chhore
%(O boy!)

o re chhore dil se nikale bol mere
%(O boy! these words have come out from my heart)

mai.nne pyaar tujhii se hai kiyaa
%(I have loved you and only you)

mai.nne tujhako hii maanaa hai piyaa
%(I have accepted only you as my lover)

tuu ne thaamaa aaj ye aa.Nchal hai
%(as you have taken hold of my this scarf today)

man me.n ek halachal hai
%(a disturbance has come about in my mind)

mai.n na bhuuluu.Ngii ye vo pal hai
%(this is that moment which I will never be able to forget)

%(O lover!)

##my heart speaks a thousand words##
%(meraa man bole hai bol hazaar)

##I feel eternal bliss##
%(mai.nne paaii.n Kushiyaa.N apara.mpaar)

##the roses pout, their scarlet mouths##
%(khole gulaabo.n ne sharmiile ho.nTh laal ye)

##like offering a kiss##
%(jaise chu.mban dete upahaar me.n)

##No drop of rain, no glowing flame##
%(na ko_ii barakhaa kii buu.Nd, na bha.Dakatii lapaT)

##has ever been so pure##
%(kabhii ho paa_ii itanii nirmal)

##if being in love can ever feel like this##
%(jo aisaa hii jaaduu karataa hai pyaar)

##then i am in love for sure##
%(mujh pe chhaa hii gayaa hai ye khumaar)

more man me.n thii jo baat chhupii aa_ii hai jabaan par
%(the topic that had remained hidden in my mind, has come to the tip of my tongue)

more dil me.n kahii.n ek tiir jo thaa aayaa hai kamaan par
%(like an arrow that was somewhere in my heart, has now got put on the bow)

sun-sun re sajan rahe.n janam-janam ham prem-nagar ke baasii
%(Listen, Please listen, o lover!, may we make our abode in the city of love for lives after lives)

thaame.n-thaame.n haath rahe.n saath-saath kabhii duurii ho na jaraa sii
%(holding each other's hands, may we remai.n together, may there never be sightest distance between us)

chaluu.N mai.n terii raah me.n bas terii chaah me.n
%(may i accompany you in your path, drenched only in the longings for you)

o re chhore
o rii chhorii

ko_ii puuchhe to mai.n boluu.N kyaa ki mujhako hu_aa hai kyaa
%(if I am asked whether you have ever touched me, what do i answer him)

more me.n hai suga.ndh jo tuune hai chhuu liyaa
%(there is a fragrance got seeped into every limb of mine, as you have just touched me, at last)

tan mahakaa-mahakaa man dahakaa-dahakaa mujhe tuu gulaab sii laage
%(your body is sweet-smelling, your mind is aflame, to me, you are looking like a rose)

jo hai ye nikhaar aur ye si.ngaar to kyuu.N na kaamana man me.n jaage
%(when such is the blossom of your beauty, and such an adornment, then how can a desire not creep into my mind)

teraa ujalaa-ujalaa jo ruup hai yauvan kii dhuup hai
%(this bright and fair complexion of yours is the sunlight of youth)

o rii chhorii

##i am in love##
%(mujhe ho hi gaya hai pyaar)

o re chhore

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