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naache man moraa magan dhiigadhaa dhiigi dhiigi

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			 % Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar ( 
% Date:  Mon Jul  3, 1995
% Credits: Abhay Avachat (  
% Comments:  Thanks to Guri, I listened to this song after such a LOOOOOOOONG
%      time ke bas aaNkh se do booNdeN khushi ke maare Tapak hi paD.eeN
%      For this song I really don't know whom to applaud, for I don't know
%      the MD. What a job!!! What percussion. A must listen song for
%      any percussion, tabla freak!! it is a treat!! And Rafi! I guess
%      he does a marvellous job with such classical songs. I thought I
%      had heard enough in 'O duniya ke rakhawaale', but heck NO!!
%      Lyrics are very soft and connoting the "astonished" rasa. What
%      beauty of nature!! As if heaven on earth. Is this all a dream or
%      am I really in heaven? Whatever it is, don't disturb me, let
%      this go forever! And does the tabla speak? You bet your buns, it
%      does! I have tried to put some of the music in syllables, they
%      are a layman's effort to put music in words, so pardon me O
%      gurus! But, as I said, don't disturb me, let me just enjoy this
%      forever, and I don't care if I type it out not to the perfect
%      note, O heck! Let the koyaliyaa kuhuk, that's all. And yeah, the
%      jhoole! Don't forget that :-))
%					- Pintu Diwana
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