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meraa de basantii cholaa - The Legend of Bhagat Singh

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meraa de
meraa de basantii cholaa maa ai de
%(dye my attire in the saffron color of patriotism, O mother!)

meraa de basantii chola maa ai de
meraa de basantii chola de de de basantii chola maa ai de

nikale hai.n viir jiyaale yuu.N apana siinaa taane
%(the brave and courageous people have come out, keeping their chest proudly stretched forward)

ha.Ns-ha.Ns ke jaan luTaane aazaad saveraa laane
%(They are ready to give their life, in order to bring the dawn of freedom)

mar ke kaise jiite hai.n is duniyaa ko batalaane
%(How to live after deing, they want to tell this to the world)

tere laal chale hai.n maa ai ab terii laaj bachaane
%(Your sons have set out, O Mother!, now to guard your prestige)

aazaadii kaa sholaa ban ke Kuun rago.n me.n Dolaa
%(their blood has turned into the ember of freedom and is flowing in their veins)

din aaj kaa ba.Daa suhaanaa mausam bhii ba.Daa sunaharaa
%(the day, today, is very pleasant, weather also is very golden)

ham sar pe baa.Ndh ke aaye balidaano.n kaa ye seharaa
%(we have tied on our heads the flowery cover %(worn by grooms) of self-sacrifice)

betaab hamaare dil me.n ek mastii sii chhaa_ii hai
%(in our restless heart , an enjoyment has overflown)

ai desh alavidaa tujhako kahane kii gha.Dii aa_ii hai
%(O country! the time has come to bid you farewel)

mahake.nge terii fizaa me.n ham ban ke havaa kaa jho.nkaa
%(we shall be dead, yet we shall remain as a flow of wind and spread fragrance in your environment)

qismat vaalo.n ko milataa aise marane kaa mauqaa
%(Only the gifted ones are bestowed with the opportunity to die like this)

nikalii hai baaraat sajaa hai i.nquilaab kaa Dolaa
%(it is the marital procession, and the bridal palanquin has been adorned to bring the change)

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