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kaun ho tum, kaun ho

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			 % Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar (
% Date: Thu Sep  7, 1995
% Credits: P-Stats by Arun Verma (
%	   Additions by Shashikant Joshi (
% Editor: Rajiv Shridhar (
% Comments: 'kaun ho' comes twice in the film, both times by 
%  Mahendra Kapoor.  The Stree LP has quaint names for the two parts.  
%  The lyrics provided by Shubha belong to the first version, called 
%  'kaun ho tum: milan.'  In the film, it occurs just after Dushyant's 
%  first encounter with Shakuntala.  The second version, called 'kaun 
%  ho tum: viraha', is set after he recovers his memory, but cannot 
%  find her.  It's very somber.
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