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jaan tum ho merii duuriyaa.N kyuu.N ham se

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jaan tum ho merii duuriyaa.N kyuu.N ham se
%(you are my life, why are there distances from me)

ab to aa ke mil jaa pyaas man me.n kab se
%(now come and meet, thirst has been there in the mind for such a long time)

ye suhaanii shaam hai pyaar kar le ham se
%(this is a beautiful evening, make love to me)

chuum lo aa_o mujhe hai guzaarish tum se
%(come kiss me, this is my plea to you)

jaan tum ho merii pyaar ho gayaa tum se
%(you are my life, i have fallen in love with you)

mai.n bhii to huu.N pyaasaa tum ko dekhaa jab se
%(i also am thirsty ever since i have looked at you)

ye javaanii kaa nashaa chhaa rahaa hai kab se
%(this intoxication of adulthood is shadowing for such a long time)

ho naa jaaye josh me.n bhuul ko_ii ham se
%(may we not commit any mistake in our enthusiasm)

aaj tum lagatii ho su.ndar khilate phuulo.n kii jaisii
%(you are appearing beautiful today, like blooming flowers)

jhilamilaatii terii aa.Nkhe.n cha.ndaa taaro.n ke jaisii
%(twinkling eyes of yours are like moon and stars)

saath mil kar jaan-e-jaa.N aa_o ham naache.nge
%(come, we shall dance together, o soul of my life)

mastiyo.n me.n jhuume.nge aa_o ham gaaye.nge
%(we shall rock in enjoyment, come we shall sing)

ye nazaare aur tum saath mere hamadam
%(these sceneries and you are with me, o lover)

aaj apane pyaar kaa ho gayaa hai sa.ngam
%(the mingling of our love has happened today)

tuufaano.n me.n bhii ai saathii tum ko ham naa chho.De.nge
%(even amidst the storms, o companion, we shall not leave you)

mushkil se hotii hai mohabbat janam-janam naa to.De.nge
%(it is difficult to fall in love, we shall not snap it for many births)

aaj meraa dil bole phuulo.n pe so jaaye.n
%(today my heart is saying, let's sleep on the flowers)

jaan merii kah do tum baa.Nho.n me.n kho jaaye.n
%(o my life, tell me that we shall get lost in each other's arms)

jaan terii hai sadaa kah rahii hai dha.Dakan
%(this life is always yours, the heartbeat is saying)

dil me.n rahate ho sadaa tum hii mere hamadam
%(just you are always staying in my heart, o lover)


			 % Comments: Dubbed From Tamil: Pudhiya Mugam
View: Plain Text, हिंदी Unicode, image