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ho gaye barabaad ham unakii Kushii to ho ga_ii

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हो गये बरबाद हम उनकी ख़ुशी तो हो गई
प्यार में नाकाम अपनी ज़िंदगी तो हो गई

हाय रे दिल की लगी से जल उठे ग़म के चिराग़
घर अँधेरा था, चलो, कुछ रोशनी तो हो गई

आँसूओं ने अपनी आँखों में बसेरा कर लिया
हँसनेवाले देख ले, तेरी हँसी तो हो गई


			 % Date: 09 January 2004
% Credits: UVR
% Comments: Geetanjali Series
% lyricist - aziz/azeez/aziiz kashmiirii
% Gemini Dewan (/ Diwan) Productions
% The song was originally recorded for the unreleased
% film Kaaminii in Aug/Sept 1949; it was later used
% in Ramman. The film Kamini is covered only in the
% first edition of vol 3 (1951-60) of the Geet Kosh.
% The second edition just mentions it in passing on
% page 593. The '40s edition does not mention 'Kamini'
% because the film's correct date was discovered after
% its publication in 1984.
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