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hamadam pyaaraa\-pyaaraa hai ye mausam

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hamadam pyaaraa-pyaaraa hai ye mausam
%(o my breath, this weather is lovely)

mausam aa_o is kaa mazaa le.n ham
%(spring, come let's enjoy this)

gussaa naa ho tuu to tujh se mai.n kuchh boluu.N yaar
%(if you don't get angry, then i want to say something to you, o friend)

kar le ham se tho.Daa pyaar
%(make a little love to me)

naa kar zaraa bhii inkaar
%(don't refuse even the slightest)

bas baat yahii suujhe tujhe
%(just this thought comes to your mind)

tuu to tho.Dii paagal lage mujhe
%(you are appearing somewhat mad to me)

mere raajaa tuu raajaa terii raanii huu.N mai.n
%(my king, you are the king, i am your queen)

tuu sayaanaa maanaa par terii divaanii huu.N mai.n
%(i agree that you are wise, but i am mad after you)

pyaar se tuu dekh terii dilabar jaanii huu.N mai.n
%(look at me with love, i am your beloved)

naa mai.n raajaa naa hii tuu hai ko_ii raanii chho.D ye kahaanii
%(neither i am a king, nor are you some queen, give up this story)

sapano.n me.n kahii.n Dhal hii naa jaaye terii ye javaanii
%(may your adulthood not get spent in just dreams)

dekho-dekho javaanii ke pal do pal
%(see, a moment or two of adulthood)

socho-socho rahe.nge naa pal ye kal
%(just think, these moments will not remain there tomorrow)

baa>Nho.n me.n baa.Nhe.n Daale pyaar ke raste chal
%(holding arms in arms, walk on the path of love)

tere-mere raste kabhii bhii naa mile.n hai yahii du_aa
%(i pray just that your and my pathways never meet) tere mujhe kabhii bhii naa jaanaa chho.D piichhaa meraa
%(i don't want to go with you, ever, don't chase me)


			 % Comments: Dubbed From Tamil: Pudhiya Mugam
View: Plain Text, हिंदी Unicode, image