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baar\-baar haa.N bolo yaar haa.N ... chale chalo

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baar-baar haa.N bolo yaar haa.N
%(again and again, do speak, O friend!)

apanii jiit ho un kii haar haa.N
%(may the victory be ours, may they get defeated)

ko_ii ham se jiit naa paave
%(may no one claim a vicotry over us)

chale chalo chale chalo
%(move on, proceed)

miT jaave jo Takaraave chale chalo
%(may whoever comes against us get lost)

bhale ghor a.ndheraa chhaave
%(even if their is pitch darkness shadowing)

chale chalo chale chalo

ko_ii raah me.n naa tham jaave chale chalo
%(may no one need to take a halt on the path)

TuuT ga_ii jo u.Ngalii uTThii
%(whichever finger has pointed accusingly towards us got broken)

paa.Ncho.n milii.n to ban ga_ii muTThii
%(because we like five fingers have come together and have become a clenched fist)

ekaa ba.Dhaataa hii jaave
%(our unity is growing beyond leaps and bounds)

chale chalo chale chalo

ko_ii kitanaa bhii bahakaave chale chalo
%(even if anyone howmuchever tempts us)

ko_ii naa ab roke tujhe Toke tujhe To.D de ba.ndhan saare
%(may no one stop you, may no one censor you, snap all the bondages)

milaa hai kyaa ho ke tujhe nirbal tuu hii bataa
%(what at all have you got by remaining powerless, you tell me)

kabhii naa dukh jhele.nge khele.nge aise ke dushman haare
%(no sorrow shall ever befall us, we shall play such games that our enemies will get vanquished)

ki ab to le le.nge himmat kaa rastaa
%(i urge you to take up the route of courage)

dharatii hilaa de.nge sabako dikhaa de.nge
%(we shall make the earth shake, we shall make everyone see)

raajaa hai kyaa parajaa hai kyaa ho
%(is their any worth of a king, all is the strength of the ruled ones)

ham jag pe chhaaye.nge ab ye bataaye.nge
%(we shall cover the entire world, now we shall make it clear to you)

ham logo.n kaa darajaa hai kyaa ho
%(that what is the status of we, the people)

ab Dar nahii.n man me.n aave
%(may do fear creep into our minds)

chale chalo, chale chalo

har be.Dii ab khul jaave chale chalo
%(may every shackle get opened now)

chalaa hii chal haa.Nf nahii.n kaa.Np nahii.n raah me.n ab tuu raahii
%(keep on proceeding, don't gasp, don't shiver, now on the path, o traveller)

thakan kaa saa.Np nahii.n ab tujhe Da.Nsane paaye
%(may the snake of tiredness never be able to bite you now)

vo hii jo teraa haaqim hai zaalim hai kii hai jisane tabaahii
%(the one who is your master, is very cruel, and has caused all the destruction)

ghar us kaa pachchhim hai yahaa.N naa basane paaye
%(he hails from the west, may he not dwell here)

dharatii hilaa de.nge sabako dikhaa de.nge
ham logo.n kaa darajaa hai kyaa ho
jo honaa hai ho jaave chale chalo
%(come what may, Proceed)

ab sar naa ko_ii jhukaave chale chalo
%(may no head ever need to stoop too low)


			 % Credits: Gulam Smarte: posted the scanned flap of the CD 
% having printed lyrics in hindi from UK, even before the music
% was officially released in India
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