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a.njalii a.njalii puShpaa.Njalii

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a.njalii a.njalii puShpaa.Njalii
%(o a.njalii, an offering of flowers)

phuulo.n se detaa huu.N puShpaa.Njalii
%(i give an offering of flowers with flowers)

kadamo.n me.n tere hai svaraa.Njalii
%(in you feet is the offering of voices)

giito.n me.n gaataa huu.N giitaa.Njalii
%(i sing the offering of songs in songs)

chaahat ye terii hai kavitaa.Njalii
%(this affection of yours is the offering of poems)

chaahato.n bharaa hogaa bholaa saa dil teraa
%(your innocent heart will be filled of love)

dekhuu.N tujhe to jaanam dha.Dake ye dil meraa
%(when i see you, o life, my this heart beats)

jis din se man me.n bajii chaahato.n kii baa.Nsurii
%(since the day when the flute of love started playing in the heart)

usii din se sapano.n kii ye khilane lagii chaa.Ndanii
%(since that very day, the moonlight of dreams has started to bloom)

zi.ndagii kii ye bahaare.n milii hai.n mujhe
%(these springs of life have been got by me)

pyaar kii ye ma.nzile.n bhii milii hai.n mujhe
%(these destinations of love have also got by me)

a.njalii a.njalii tuu hii merii raaginii
%(o a.njalii, you are my tune)

sa.ngiit-laharii se ye man meraa Dolataa
%(this heart of mine swings due to the waves of music)

pyaar bharii raaginii se tan meraa Dolataa
%(my body swings due to the tune filled with love)

aaj kyuu.N lagataa hai kii jaaduu ko_ii ho gayaa
%(why does it appear today that some magic has occurred)

dil meraa miiThe-miiThe sapano.n me.n kho gayaa
%(my heart has got lost in sweet dreams)

saragam kii pyaarii pyaarii dhun ke liye
%(for the sake of lovely tune of octave)

miiThe-miiThe laharo.n ke sur ke liye
%(for the sake of sweet tune of waves)

chaahate.n ba.ndagii sur me.n hai zi.ndagii
%(loves, devotion, there is life in music)

phuulo.n se bharii hai puShpaa.Njalii
%(this offering of flowers is filled with flowers)

tum ko laharo.N kii nR^ityaa.Njalii
%(the offering of dance of waves to you)

giito me.n bharii hai giitaa.Njalii
%(the songs have offering of songs filled in them)

kaviyo.n ko ye merii kavitaa.Njalii
%(my this offering of poems to poets)

dekhaa tujhe jab se sanam ham tere ho chale
%(ever since i have seen you, o lover, i have started to become yours)

chaahe.nge hameshaa tujhe ye bhi zaraa soch le
%(i will always love you, think about this also)

kaise ye pyaar hotaa tere binaa yahaa.N
%(how would the love have been here without you)

agar tuu nahii sajanii kavitaa nahii yahaa.N
%(if you are not, o lover, poem would not have been here)

cha.ndramaa kii chaa.Ndanii sii tuu hai priyaa
%(you, o beloved, are like the moonlight of the moon)

phuulo.n kii phulavaarii sii tuu hai priyaa
%(you, o beloved, are like a garden of flowers)

a.njalii a.njalii tuu hii merii raaginii
%(o a.njalii, you are my music)


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